Are you looking for an easy way to mount your jet ski?

3 February 2021
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Are you tired of dragging your jet ski down to the water every time you want to ride it? Riding a jet ski can provide a thrilling burst of excitement, especially if you race them with friends. However, the hassle involved in putting them in and out of the water can often dampen the enthusiasm of even the most dedicated jet ski rider. Bringing a jet ski to the water can often involve driving a vehicle down to the edge of the water and backing the trailer with the jet ski into the water. The jet ski is then removed from the trailer once the water is deep enough. To return the jet ski to dry land, the process must then be followed in reverse, all of this is hard work and frequently time-consuming. Fortunately, jet ski pontoons can change all of that.

How can jet ski pontoons help?

Jet ski pontoons offer an easy way of providing a fixed mooring point for your jet ski so that you can easily mount and dismount it whenever you wish. Instead of struggling to reach the water, you can leave your jet ski at the pontoon and access it via the safe, slip-free surface that leads you to the shore. Unlike a fixed jetty, a jet ski pontoon will be constructed in a modular form and will float on the surface of the water. Overall, there are many advantages to this model.

Why use jet ski pontoons?

Have you ever had that experience where you have left a boat tied up to the shore or a fixed jetty, only to return and see that the water level has changed and you can no longer access the boat as easily as before? Jet ski pontoons are not fixed to the sea bed; instead, their floating modular construction means that they will always be the same level as the jet ski so mounting and dismounting is not challenging. The floating nature of the jet ski pontoons also means that you are unlikely to need permission to install floating pontoons in the way that you would with a jetty.  Another important advantage of jet ski pontoons is that you can adapt them as your circumstances change. At some point in the future, if you should want to add space for additional jet skis or change the shape of the pontoon, the modular design means that you can quickly do so.

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