Three Reasons to Try Buffalo Turf for Your Lawn

28 April 2020
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Buffalo turf has become one of the most popular grass types for lawns. It initially came from the US and is native to the prairies where buffalos were common. The grass has since been domesticated in many parts of the world. It has also been tuned with other grass varieties and modification mechanisms to help it adapt to different climate types. Despite these changes, buffalo grass still maintains the original qualities that made it the perfect grass type to have on your lawn. Here are three reasons why you should consider this species for your outdoors.

Low Water Consumption

One of the major concerns that people with natural lawns have to deal with is watering the grass. Different grass species have different water requirements. Buffalo grass is, fortunately, one of the best species because it does not need a lot of water to maintain. The species can even survive complete drought by becoming dormant when the heat is too much. This quality is also what helps the grass do well throughout the winter season. After the dryness has passed, the grass springs back and flourishes just like before.

Low Growth Rate

Most homeowners have a hard time creating a balance between growth rate and the need for a luxuriant lawn. Ideally, the grass on the lawn should be thick, healthy, and evenly distributed. However. When the same grass grows excessively and exceeds three inches every month, it becomes a maintenance nightmare. The cost of constant mowing and trimming might take its toll on you, and you might end up disliking a grass species that grows too fast. On average, buffalo grass grows between three and eight inches, which is quite manageable.

Low Maintenance Cost

The other two factors that determine the quality of lawn grass is how much fertiliser it needs to flourish, and whether it attracts a lot of insects and pesticides. Buffalo grass is perfect because it does not attract a lot of insects and other pests. You do not have to keep dealing with pesticides and insecticides in your compound. At the same time, it flourishes without a lot of fertilisers and other artificial manures. 

These are the benefits that ought to convince you to choose buffalo grass for your home. The crucial thing to remember is that the supplier of the grass and their reputation will determine your experience with the variety. Once you start the lawn with excellent quality buffalo grass, the resulting lawn will be perfect.