Make the Digital World Safer for Your Life and Good for Your Health

18 September 2019
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Your smartwatches, tablets and smartphones make you feel you live in a digital world. Though this may feel good since the digital systems make everything happen at your convenience, it has its downside: Tonnes of electronic garbage or e-waste is produced annually. Now, the question is, where does all this electronic garbage go and how does it affect your quality of life? Refurbishing, reusing or recycling these electronic devices reduces the negative impact they have on the economy and environment. Here is why e-waste recycling is vital to human, animal and plant lives:

Toxic Substances in E-Waste Are Fatal

Those outdated electronics contain toxic substances that can harm your health in a big way. It's sad that some people just throw electronic waste away in a landfill without knowing how they are harming the environment. Lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and other heavy metals are some of the harmful substances that electronic waste or outdated electronics release. They can contaminate the air, soil and water when they are disposed of improperly. Furthermore, the harmful toxins that e-waste release can cause endocrine disruption, cancer, reproductive disorders and other serious health problems.

Electronic Waste Is Rich in Precious Metals

Most people haven't given e-waste recycling a thought since they don't know the precious metals they contain. They believe electronic waste should be disposed of to create more space in their office or house, but they don't think of the precious elements that some of their components may contain. These precious metals are lost when faulty and old electronics are thrown away. If all the outdated electronics were recycled, more gold could be recovered.

Identity Theft and Data Security

Some of the people who throw away their old or outdated electronics become victims of identity theft and data security breaches. Some people don't throw away their electronic gadgets because they are completely defective but because they are just outdated, though functioning. If all your personal information isn't cleared before disposing of these electronics, a malicious person might be able to retrieve your data and use your personal information for their personal gain.

E-waste recycling keeps all the above problems at bay. It also creates jobs, saves landfill space, makes consumption costs fairer, paves the way for innovative technology and reduces greenhouse gas levels. Identify a reputable e-waste recycling company and dispose of your outdated and faulty speakers, fax machines, copiers, tablets, smartphones, televisions and computers to it for recycling and enjoy a healthier and safer environment.