Benefits of Real Turf for Your Landscape

24 January 2019
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If you want a green landscape that is lush throughout the year, you may be considering the option of artificial turf. Though this is a suitable option, you may be overlooking the benefits that real turf has to offer. In fact, most homeowners tend to believe that natural turf will not give them the overall look they want. Here are a few benefits of real turf for your landscape and information about the lawn and turf supplies you should consider.

No Harsh Chemicals

Most homeowners try to avoid the use of harsh chemicals on their lawns. In fact, there is an increasing popularity in using organic growth supplies for your lawn over chemical sprays. When you use a real turf you can avoid harsh chemicals and avoid the turf leaching chemicals into the ground. Keep in mind that if chemicals leach into your soil, it can also leach into the water supply and other areas of your landscape. Your lawn and turf supplier can help you find the right growth chemicals that are organic and fit your real natural turf needs.

Reduction of Allergies

You may not think of allergies when you think about your choice of landscaping turf. The truth is a natural turf can help reduce allergies to dust and similar yard debris. The blades of natural turfgrass trap the dust in the air. This helps reduce the dust that is released in the air and the dust that you inhale. The same is true for pollen. Natural grass turf will grab onto these small particles helping reduce what you are inhaling and reducing your allergies and allergic reactions. Your lawn and turf supplier can help you with finding lush turf that would be better for reducing allergies than shorter-bladed options.

Erosion Control

If erosion and drainage is an issue for your landscape, you may want to stick with natural turf. The natural turf can help to control the erosion of soil during heavy rains and flooding. This isn't the case when you deal with some artificial options. This is due to the natural turf having a solid root base that can grab onto the soil and hold in place. Other turf options do not have root systems and may not be able to control erosion under or around the turf. Looking for a heavy root system in your natural turf from lawn and turf supplies can help with this as well.

These are just a few of the benefits of using real turf for your year-round landscape. If you think that a natural real turf is a good option for your landscape needs, contact your local landscape supplier. They will have the lawn and turf supplies you need and can help make suggestions for your specific location and landscape.