How to Book Your First Fishing Charter

27 December 2018
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If you enjoy fishing from the shoreline, then perhaps you have thought about booking a fishing charter and seeing what you can catch further from the shore. Fishing charters are a good way to spend a few hours getting away from the world and relaxing on the water with a chosen group of friends or family. The problem for many people is that they really don't know what to look for when it comes to booking fishing charters. If you spend time walking along the shore at any popular fishing port, then it won't take you long to find posters or adverts for fishing charters, but how can you compare them? Every charter promises similar things, but if you make the wrong choice, then your relaxing day on the water could turn out to be a complete disaster. Here are the three things that you must consider before you book your first fishing charter.

How long is the charter?

Not all fishing charters are the same, and it is important that when you compare charters that you are comparing things that are equal. If you find a charter that appears to be much cheaper than most of the others, then you can be sure that the operator is cutting their costs somewhere. The most likely things for them to reduce is the length of time they will be at sea, so make sure that you clarify the length of the charter before you agree to book it.

Where does the fishing charter go?

If you aren't an experienced fisherman, then you might think that all areas of the sea are good for fishing, but that isn't the case. If you are going to stand a chance of a successful fishing trip, then your boat will need to head out to some of the more profitable reefs away from the shore. If your boat operator stays close to the coast, then you will be less likely to catch the bigger fish you are probably looking for.

What is the boat like?

Never book a charter without seeing the boat first. Make sure the boat is seaworthy, but don't be led astray by owners who promise you 'the fastest boat on the water'. Speed doesn't matter nearly as much as comfort. You are going to sea to enjoy yourself, so getting jolted across the deck as the boat travels at full speed isn't a priority. Look for a boat that offers at least a few comforts, including somewhere safe to store your valuables.

Checking these three things will help you to decide between fishing charters and to make the right choice for your trip.