Easy Beginners' Guide to Hydroponic Equipment

23 December 2018
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Hydroponic gardening refers to the process of nurturing plants without the use of soil. Instead, the medium you employ to grow the plants can be a nutrient solution or made from water. Several reasons can be attributed to the popularity of this technique. Firstly, hydroponic gardens allow individuals with either limited or no yard space to nurture plants in their home. Secondly, plants grown via this method tend to have a higher yield in a short duration, since the nutrients they require are delivered directly, which translates into optimal growth. If you are curious about hydroponics and are contemplating starting your indoor garden, here is a straightforward list of the basic types of hydroponic equipment you will need.

A grow chamber

Also known as a growing tray, this receptacle will contain the roots. Thus, the grow chamber is critical since it functions as support from the plants while also being the part of the hydroponic system that will contain the nutrients or water solution you will use. The grow chamber also has the task of ensuring the roots are not exposed to direct light, pests and even heat. Therefore, you need to locate a suitable place to position the grow camber away from these external factors. When picking out a grow chamber, the size of your receptacle will depend on the scale you intend for your hydroponic gardens. The type of plants you want to grow, as larger plants will require more space to thrive, will also influence the size of the chamber.

A submersible pump

A majority of hydroponic systems require a submersible pump, as this equipment is responsible for transferring the nutrient solution from your system's reservoir into the growing tray. However, it is inadvisable to select the cheapest pump you come across. Instead, enquire from your preferred hydroponic shop what pump will be best with your particular hydroponic system. If your pump is not pre-fitted with a filter, it is vital to invest in a filter, too, so that the growing tray does not become contaminated. Lastly, ensure that you clean the submersible pump at regular intervals so that the nutrient solution is not compromised as it is filtered into the growing chamber.

A delivery system

While you can purchase a ready-made delivery system from your hydroponic shop, you may want to consider getting one custom fitted for your specific system. This delivery system comprises the plumbing hardware that allows the transportation of nutrient solution from the reservoir, through the submersible pump and into your growing tray. Additional features you could choose for your delivery system include sprayers or drip emitters that will facilitate optimum delivery of the nutrient solution.